Asia SORI Project

  • 아시아소리프로젝트
  • 아시아소리프로젝트
  • 아시아소리프로젝트

Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival Organizing Committee offers an international artist-in-residence program for Asian traditionalmusicians as a part of CulturalPartnership Initiative(CPI) since 2018.

Asia SORI Project is the international artist residency program in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do of South Koreafor Asia traditional musician. It hosted and organized by Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival Organizing committee.

The program aims to encourage the Asian musicians' collaboration and to lighten Asia's tradition's today and the future. The selected artist will participate infour or five monthsresidence program to co-produce the new collaboration performance. They will be a member of festival ensemble and premiere the new productionat Jeonju Int'l Sori Festival.

In 2018, first project launched with six musicians from Mongolia, Vietnam and Uzbekistan. Local emerging artists joined the project and co-worked with them. As a member of Asia SORI Project 2018, they produced the new four songs based on each country’s traditional songs and premiered successfully at JeonjuInt’l Sori Festival 2018.

Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival provides the studio, accommodations, expenses for research and co-work, and the support help in the development of the program. All program will be at Jeonju was known as the most Korean city and the heart of traditional music of Korea. This project supported by Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange(KOFICE) and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism of the Republic of Korea.

ic magazine, which means that it is becoming a world-level festival beyond that of Jeollabuk-do, or Korea.

Cultural Partnership Initiative, CPI

Cultural Partnership Initiative(CPI) is an artist-in-residence program for culture and arts professionals from Asia, Africa, SouthAmerica and Eastern Europe, hosted by Ministry of Culture, Sports andTourism (MCST) and organized by Korean Foundation forInternational Cultural Exchange(KOFICE). Collaborating with Koreanculture and arts organizations in various fields, CPI invitesprofessionals and provides 5-month programs including professionaltraining, Korean language class and cultural exchange opportunities.


Sosorbaram Enkhtur, Morin Khuur &Khoomei, Mongolia

Enkhjin Oyuntsetseg, Bishguur, Mongolia

Duy Nguyen Quang, Dan Nhi, Vietnam

Tho Nguyen Duong Tram Anh, Dan Tam Thap Luc, Vietnam

Vishwa Bharath, Urumi& Parai, India

Zulfikar Rizki Ananda, Talempong & Katindik, Indonesia

Eunyoung Jin, Pansori, Korea

Jun-Young Noh, Percussion, Korea

Jihoon Kwon, Percussion, Korea

Jae-Hyo Chang, Music Director

Miyeon, Composer

Asia SORI Project 2018

Tuyatsetseg Tseren, Urtiin Duu, Mongolia

Ariunkhishig Ulziisaikhan, Yatga, Mongolia

HoaDihn Van, Đànbâù, Vietnam

Minh Vu Do Quang, Đàntranh, Vietnam

Sokhibjon Kurbanov, Rubab, Uzbekistan

Shahboz Davronov, Doira, Uzbekistan

Jung-In Lee, Pansori, Korea

Soo-JinSeo, Ajaeng, Korea

Jun-Young Noh, Percussion, Korea

Jae-Hyo Chang, Music Director

Won-Ki Jeong, Composer