Sori Frontier with KB Bank

Sori Frontier with KB Bank

Oct.05(Sat)(15:00, Yeonji Madang)

All Free

Performance presentation
Sori Frontier with KB Bank
The Tenth Annual Stage for New Korean World Music Artists

The leading program Sori Frontier of the Sori Festival has produced lots of new Korean world music artists for the last ten years. The winner of the final competition gets 18 million won. Luckily, the audience can meet some of the previous winners with special shows.
Gaak Project


The music group 'Gaak Project' creates their own unique music based on the tradition of Jeollabuk-do.
In the modern society where popular music wins the hearts and minds of ordinary people, they try to show the special stage with their own sori and music coming from their deep agony of what to aim at with the traditional music.
Vocal — Park Hyeonyeong; bamboo flute — Lee Dongjun; ajaeng — Seo Sujin; percussion — Kim Hansaem; keyboard — Park Dongseok

Sangjaru: Korean Gypsy


Their motto is to put a ‘jaru (sack)’meaning new creativeness into a ‘sangja (box)’, meaning tradition.
Based on the Korean traditional music, they create and play what they create.
Guitar — Jo Seongyun; janggu — Gwon Hyochang; Ajaeng — Nam Seonghun

Hey String

A music group of three gayageum musicians that presents their own unconventional tone of music.
With luxurious skills and creating power, they show intense music that draws strong attention from the audiences.
Gayageum – Kim Jihyo, Park Jihyeon, Oh Jihyeon