Colin Offord(Australia)

Colin Offord(Australia)

Oct.03(Thu)(13:30, Yeonji Madang)

All Free

Performance presentation
[World Music Workshop]

Time to Communicate with Foreign Musicians through Music

Opportunity to enjoy world music genres in person which are usually difficult to approach. The audience and musicians on the stage becomes one through music beyond their nationalities. You can get kind explanations about unfamiliar music and instruments of other countries.

Colin Offord from Australia
An Australian Multi-talented Artist Sculpted the sound

Musical bows have an ancient history, take numerous forms and are still are played in many cultures throughout the world. Colin makes his first Mouthbow in the late '70'’s: a single string stretch on a small branch. For forty years Colin has experimented with the construction, sound possibilities and playing techniques. His main instrument is the Australasian Mouthbow. It can be bowed, plucked, and struck percussively. He modifies the sounds harmonically via a mouthpiece, resulting in a vast array of musical possibilities. His soundscapes, songs and vocal improvisations are influenced by the cultures of Australia’s Asian and Pacific neighbors, by folk music, the experimentalism of the twentieth century and by the vast power and beauty of the Australian landscape. He also plays Windpipes, Flutes, Conch Shells and Jaws Harps.

His work is distinctly Australasian in character - a synthesis of visual art, music and performance that embraces western experimentalism, folk music, improvisation, installation art and calligraphic drawing imbued with East Asian, Aboriginal and Pacific cultural and philosophic influences. 

Current activities include: exhibitions and installations, artist-in-residence, the making of original instruments and sound sculpture, cross-cultural collaborations, concerts and environmental performance, original musical scores and community workshops. 
He has performed in music festivals, art centres, concert halls, environmental settings, schools, community venues and in great cities and remote villages throughout Australia and the world. Colin has represented Australia at Commonwealth Arts Festivals in Auckland and Edinburgh, World Expo’s in Australia and Spain, Sydney’s Olympics 2000 bid in Monaco, in World Drum Festivals in Canada and Australia. His cultural exchange tours for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade include Spain, Scotland, New Zealand, Vietnam, Laos and throughout the island nation of the South Pacific.