[World Music Workshop]
Journey of Chinese Music

[World Music Workshop]
Journey of Chinese Music

Oct.05(Sat)(16:00, Forest stage(Osong-je))

All Free

Performance presentation

Time to meet the essence of ‘seolchang arts’, archetype of Chinese pansori

Muban Dagu from Changzhou: Enjoy the archetype of Chinese Pansori at the Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival

Changzhou Muban Dagu is a traditional ‘seolchang arts’ from Hebei, China, which is similar to Korean Pansori. One of the two artists sings ‘aniri’ rhythm playing a little drum, and the other adds accompaniment with the ‘samhyeon’. It is a great rare opportunity to enjoy the essence of ‘seolchang’ arts performed by Wang Injie, the initiator of Changzhou Muban Dagu, a Chinese national intangible cultural property, and Wang Xin Di, a glorious young entertainer. In addition, professor Jeon Hongcheol, director of Confucius Academy and Silkroad Audio-Visual Arts Institute of Woosuk University gives exciting explanation for the audience to focuss on the performance.


Wang Zhen Yi (stage name Wang Yinjie): Initiator of Muban Dagu from Changzhou, Chinese pansori, Chinese national intangible cultural property

Wang Xin Di: Artist of Muban Dagu from Changzhou, Chinese pansori