Ensemble Selene
(Argentina, Japan, Korea)

Ensemble Selene
(Argentina, Japan, Korea)

Oct.04(Fri)(11:00, Forest stage(Osong-je))

All Free

Performance presentation
[World Music Workshop]

Time to Communicate with Foreign Musicians through Music

Opportunity to enjoy world music genres in person which are usually difficult to approach. The audience and musicians on the stage becomes one through music beyond their nationalities. You can get kind explanations about unfamiliar music and instruments of other countries.

Every melody, every beat preciously transports a story. Impression on our world, human tales, shades of our minds, our culture. The Ensemble Selene is a quartet gathering stories from 3 young ladies from the Korean provinces, the Japanese archipelago and the wide Argentina. The intensiveness of pansori embraces the passion of an accordion, the delicacy of the koto. Song Bonggeum (pansori) from Jeonju, Korea, Mariel Barrena (vocal, piano, accordion) from La Plata, Argentina, and Hiroe Morikawa (vocal, koto) from Tokyo, Japan create – with the direction of the veteran percussionist and composer Chang Jaehyo (Sonagi Project, Cuatro Minimal) – a surprising alliance of codes and expressions, highlighting a lively, definitively universal musical story.


Co-production with Sukiyaki Meets the World in Japan


Song Bonggeum 

Mariel Barrena

Hiroe Morikawa

Chang Jaehyo