Oct.02(Wed)(20:00, Norimadang)

All Free

Performance presentation

SINNOI was formed by Bora Kim who mastered the Gyeonggi folk songs and Korean classical court music, and by Lee Wonsool who has a unique presence in the domestic jazz scene. In a minimalist composition, Sinoy opens a new musical horizon beyond the boundaries of each musician through the musical background of both musicians as well as their rich and deep musical interplay with improvised and delicate exchange. In addition, Electronic ambient sound artist Haihm and another player have joined to create new styles of music that transcend genres and ages.

The name SINNOI is a different term for “SINAWI“, referring to the oldest traditional shaman music. It expresses a new variation that surpasses the original characters of the traditional music and the double bass of jazz.

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Haihm Wonsool LeeBora Kim

하임 Haihm | 일렉트로닉 앰비언트 사운드 Electronic Ambient Sound

이원술 Wonsool Lee | 더블베이스 Double Bass

김보라 Bora Kim | 소리 Voice