Oct.03(Thu)(21:00, Norimadang)

All Free

Performance presentation
Harmony of Hip and Funky Rhythms of Africa and East Asia

TRES BONBON is an Afro-pop fusion band playing exciting and joyful music like sweet candies while combining Asian melody structures and African rhythms, the deep root of music. They make their own unique music combining the traditional music of the two continents with blues, funk, soul, and hip-hop that was influenced from Africa.
Musicians who join this band are Seong Giwan, a poet and leader of the 3rd Line Butterfly; Kim Doyeon, a soulful vocal; Amidou Balani Diabate from Burkina Faso in West Africa, who is from griot family of the country; Kim Haneul, a competitive, professional drummer who have played with Yeri Band and Mimi Sisters; and Choi Yunhee, a keyboardist with AA55A. They enjoy their hip and funky atmosphere they make themselves.


성기완(기타,보컬,작곡&프로듀싱) / KIWAN SUNG

아미두 디아바테(고니,발라폰)  / DIABATE AMIDOU

김도연(보컬)/ DOYEON KIM

김하늘(드럼) / HANEUL KIM

최윤희(키보드) / YUNHEE CHOI