Song of Masters 'Ways of Winds'

Song of Masters 'Ways of Winds'

Oct.04(Fri)(20:00, Moak Hall)

Over the age of 8 Free

Performance presentation
Journey of Winds Following the Breath of Masters
Where does the wind begin and go to? This unanswered question makes us ask it again and again. Through the natural activity to breathe, which we can’t stop, we live another day.
Master instrumentalists inspires breath into something to expand life. It will be a stage to feel the masters’true breath at a closer distance.

Supported by National Culture and Arts Foudation, Taiwan

Kang Taehwan (saxophone) x Kang Sungwon (songs), Anders Hagberg (flute) X Lee Changseon (large bamboo flute), Nawang Khechog (Tibetan flute) X Yeo Mido (improvised dance), Tseng Chien-yun (suona, saenghwang, zither)