[2019] Young Pansori Five Batangs Gwon Song-hee 'Sugung-ga'
관리자 | 2019-10-17 09:38:27 | 2394

Fresh Stages of Young Pansori Artists in the Cypress Forest

Young and Promising sori artists singled out from hot competition will show their talents in the cypress forest. When Pansori Five Batangs is a program for matured sori masters, Young Pansori Five Batangs is the stage for young sori artists who pursue their own Pansori with their ardent passion. Listening to their excellent songs coming from their great talents, you will feel the future of Pansori is not dark at all. The cypress forest where their shows are presented is one of the hot places of the Sori Festival. It will be a wonderful time to enjoy a round of great taste and mood of their sori in the fresh and Cypress Forest
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