[2019] Series of Jeonbuk Nongak Iri Nongak
관리자 | 2019-10-15 11:23:13 | 2217

Nongak, farmers’ folk music, has been the leading Korean performing arts that originated from the communal consciousness and leisure activity of rural societies. It is designated as the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This show illuminates Nongak newly that pronounces the values of equality, wish, peace and good socialization with neighbors, and sublimate them into arts regardless of their classes. While reinterpreting the historical implication and cultural and artistic values of Nongak from a modern viewpoint, the show intends to establish aesthetics of socialization and the meaning of “grand union.” You can see and enjoy all sorts of exciting Nongak representing Jeollabuk-do each and every day during the festival.

Iri Nongak

Leading of Right-Honam Nongak, it has its characteristic slow melodies. Iri Nongak developed advanced seoljanggo dance. The techniques of disposition, bupo dance and sogo dance of Iri nongak are various and colorful.
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