[2019] [Closing Performance] Rock & Sinawi
관리자 | 2019-10-17 10:04:42 | 2287

Sensational Tradition Swallows Rock Spirit!
Rock & Sinawi is shown only in the Sori Festival. The explosive, roaring rock spirit reverberates through the tradition! It's a kind of a genre-destroying stage where popular rock music and Korean traditional music are woven like warp and weft of a fabric. It has been a place where young artists carry out small and large projects with the Sori Festival while breaking away from their own genres and experimenting new styles of music. ronnie james dio, singer of Black Sabbath, will sing the well-known “Heaven & Hell”with non-stop sinawi rhythm with his sharp, strong vocal. Pansori, the ajaeng, and Korean traditional percussions become parts of rock and free cross-over between genres. A shocking stage is expected where borders between tradition and modernity, creation and improvisation, and originals and copies become unclear.
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