[2019] Pansori Five Batangs Kim Myung Shin, Jung Sang Hee 'Chunhyang-ga'
관리자 | 2019-10-17 09:07:32 | 2349

Special Stages of Masters and Disciples Will Fascinate Our Times

This year, much more special Pansori Five Batangs are ready for the visitors of the Sori Festival. A round of charming sori 'My Master and My Disciple' will present together is ready to be on the stage. Arts learned from mouth to ears and the future depending on the disciples. Unprecedented stages for Pansori lovers who appreciate its attractiveness. Specialties of Masters and disciples of master sori artists. It will be a great time to enjoy fantastic Pansori world.

Both for Masters and disciples, it is going to be a very special stage. Without the Sori Festival, there will never be such a great chance for disciples to sing together on the same stage with their masters. It would be a great honor for the disciples to be with their masters. As for masters, it will also be special as they could be on the stage with their future generation. You can meet young gugak idols Yu Taepyeongyang and Lee Jaram, who are very popular among the public. Masters and disciples present various kinds of sori like singing part by part, in turns, and a duologue. This is a special plan, and you don't want to give up enjoying any of the Pansori five batangs, if you are a Pansori lover.

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