[2019] [World Music Workshop] Asian Piri World – Jin Yungyeong
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[World Music Workshop]
Time to Communicate with Foreign Musicians through Music

Opportunity to enjoy world music genres in person which are usually difficult to approach. The audience and musicians on the stage becomes one through music beyond their nationalities. You can get kind explanations about unfamiliar music and instruments of other countries.

Asian Piri World – Jin Yungyeong
(Subtitle: from the Armenian ‘duduk’ to the Korean ‘piri’)

Meet the various sorts of the Asian piris!
The Korean piri (flute) has the global but unique features.
It exists worldwide, but has come to have its own characteristics while playing the music of this land for a long time.

We will see various kinds of the piris from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, China, and Japan, and study the piri of the Korean Peninsula more deeply.

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