[2019] The Tune
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Sori Frontier with KB Bank
The Tenth Annual Stage for New Korean World Music Artists

The leading program Sori Frontier of the Sori Festival has produced lots of new Korean world music artists for the last ten years. The winner of the final competition gets 18 million won. Luckily, the audience can meet some of the previous winners with special shows.

Pioneers of Korean World Music and Their Dignified Steps

Tanemotion has familiarity of public music as well as professionality of our traditional music. Ogamdo creates its own unique and strongly experimental music. Akdan Gwangchil reinterprets songs and gut music of Hwanghae-do from a modern point of view. The Tune pioneers genre-destroying world music, based on the archetypes of Korean music. Now, let's enjoy the performances of the four winners of Sori Frontier who have shown diversities of our music.

2013 KB Sori Award winner Tanemotion at 18:00, Thursday, October 3

2010 Popularity Award winner Ogamdo at 18:00, Friday, October 4

2017 Surim Culture Award winner Akdan Gwangchil at 21:00, Friday, October 4

2014 KB Sori Award winner The Tune at 18:00, Sunday, October 6

Staying inside Korean traditional music
Playing outside Korean traditional music

Unbound creativity originating from primitive, traditional and ancient elements

The Tune is the nomadic band based on Korean traditional music, composed of a Haegeum, piano, folk singer, and various percussions. Rooted deeply in Korean traditional music with nomadic scent, they are one of the most famous bands in Korea for its experimental music. Korean traditional music, jazz, contemporary, and gypsy music are all engrossed in their music, so that the audience catches the mysterious aura of the oriental atmosphere. In addition, they can grasp the audience’s eyes as well as their ears with the peculiar performance of Korean art.
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