[2019] Sacred Music II Cellist Sung-won Yang & TIMF Ensemble, Araetnyeok Suryukjae Preservation Society
관리자 | 2019-10-15 10:53:08 | 2320

Series of Sacred Music

Human Beings’Ardent Wishes for God and Arts Encountered Somewhere in the Way
This year, the special programs of the Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival, Sacred Music I and II, are ready to meet their audiences. An opportunity to listen to very special messages of the artists for whom life becomes prayers and prayers performances. The audiences are guided to a peaceful world that music leads them to, or encounter gestures that contain strong wishes towards heaven from time to time. Sacred Music series dig into a place between peace from God and human yearning towards God!
In the Sacred Music I, you can meet the polyphonic, ancient music of Georgian orthodox church, presented by Iberi Choir, the most harmonious, beautiful vocal. In the Sacred Music II, you will be invited to a world of pure peace by the musical pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach and Olivier Messiaen played by Yang Seongwon, a cellist, and Ensemble TIMF. You can also see the ceremonies of the Jeonbuk Yeongsan Jakbeop Preservation Society and the Araetnyeok Suryukjae Preservation Society, which are the leading Buddhist ritual societies of Honam and Yeongnam regions, in the Sacred Music I and II.
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