[2019] Sanjo Night Choi Gyeongman and Won Janghyeon
관리자 | 2019-10-15 10:41:58 | 1800

Sanjo Blows Whistle in the Bamboo Forest and Makes a Way in the Wind.
Time to meet a permanent program of the Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival and enjoy the best of sanjo, the essence of the authentic instrumental music. The audience will have a precious time to enjoy the tradition and freshness of sanjo presented by higher level master instrumentalists in addition to improvised sinawi by master sori artists. This year, you will meet the masters of instrumental music, the origin of winds under the theme 'Wish on the Winds'.

Participating masters are as follows: Choi Gyeongman, master of the flute, who makes a way on the wind; Won Janghyeon, master of the bamboo flute, who represents the elegance of instrumental music showing all the aspects of a bamboo forest with his bamboo flute; Yu Jisuk and Jang Munhee, master Sori artists; and Kim Gyuhyeong, master drummer. High level performance created by the breath of master instrumentalists.
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