[Opening Performance]
Wish on the Winds

[Opening Performance]
Wish on the Winds

Oct.02(Wed)(19:30, Moak Hall)

Over the age of 8 25,000won/ 15,000won/ 10,000won Get ticket

Performance presentation
'Legends of the Wind & Songs of Wish' from Master Instrumentalists around the World

Official program that opens the 2019 Jeonju International Sori Festival. A great time to meet the exceptionally luxurious cast of this year's Sori Festival and feel their tunes. Enjoy the special and grand energy from their solo, ensemble, and large-scale collaborative shows crossing over East and West!
The audience breathe with the instrumentalists, making their wishes.
In accordance with the theme of this year, Wish on the Winds, the teams will present not only their individual performances but also new kinds of stages through special encounters and/or organic association with other players during the Sori Festival. 
This year’s teams are as follows: Kang Taehwan's saxophone pursues ultimate free improvisation; bamboo flutist Won Janghyeon shows the elegance of instruments; piri-master Choi Gyeongman's flute depicts ways of the wind; and an orchestra that consists of the young musicians of this region. Visitors can enjoy unfamiliar but strong reverberation of the world-famous soloist instrumentalists. In addition, they can enjoy a Buddhist ceremony by the Jeonbuk Yeongsan Jakbeop Preservation Society and meet the ancient music of Georgian orthodox church presented by Iberi Choir's beautiful harmony of vocals. They are ready to show authentic reverberation of various instruments and will embrace all our wishes.
Kang Taehwan, Choi Gyeongman, Wong Janghyeon, The Jeonbuk Yeongsan Jakbeop Preservation Society, Nawang Khechog, Anders Hagberg, Colin Offord, Janusz Prusinowski Kompania, Manu Sabaté, Tseng Chien-yun, and Iberi Choir.