[2019] Artstage Sori Plus BOL4, and Jeong Junil
관리자 | 2019-10-15 10:47:03 | 279

Artstage Sori Plus_ BOL4, and Jeong Junil

A more colorful, fantastic stage of Korean indie musicians

‘Artstage Sori’, one of the leading music series of Sori Arts Center of Jeollabuk-do, presents a specially touching stage with a more reinforced line-up with the support of Jeonju International Sori Festival. It’ll be a great time to enjoy the pure and plain emotion of Red Planet and the profound and warm vocal of Jeong Junil.


BOL4 consists of two girls who are untamed and have their own styles.

Jeong Junil is a singer who sings his own deep sentiment.
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