Asian Chairshot

Asian Chairshot

Oct.05(Fri) 21:20 / ノリマダン・ダブルステージ

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Performance presentation

Asian Chairshot, the Shocking Moment like Beaten Your Head with a Chair

Their music amuses the listeners with the psychedelic melodies and serious playing filled with the mega sound and deep flows, almost cannot believe that the music is the compound of the only 3 instruments, the guitar, bass, and drum.

The producer, Jeff Schroeder, the guitarist of Smashing Pumpkins, who produced their 1st album, Horizon and the EP, A Shower gave them the big compliments saying
“Their performance is like Hicky Shin on the stage playing 
the music of Black Sabbath with the sound of Radio Head.”

Keeping up the reputation of their great existence as winning the 1st prize of “TOP Band 3” of KBS, they have been the star on the rock music not only in Korea but also at global music festivals.