[2018] Byeolsin-gut of the east coast (The National Intangible Heritage 82-1)_10.7.(Sun) 15:00
관리자 | 2018-10-19 17:38:29 | 2938

A Series of Korean Gut(Shamanistic healing ritual)

Unlike in the past, gut music has lately been given lots of attention as it has anthropological, cultural, and artistic values, containing Korean tradition beyond simple shaman activities. Now it is understood as a kind of traditional music that could be considered its own music genre. This year, the Sori Festival will highlight five gut musical performances representing five different regions across five days.

Byeolsin-gut of the east coast (The National Intangible Heritage 82-1)

The Desperate Prayers of Sailors; the moment when games and art become one energy

There is a festival and a long religion that has been developed based on the desperate prayers of sailors who have passed on. Spectators will be awed by the female shamans who masterfully lead this type of gut with their shaman music. The music of Byeolsin-gut of the east coast is refined, and furthermore, since it’s wittier and has more dancing than the gut traditions from other areas of Korea, it is more entertaining than those other gut performances. During the gut performance, spectators can see not only the origin of life and death, but also the moments when play and arts are converted into a strong and unfamiliar energy.
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