[2018] Djembe & Drum Circle by Lee Yeongyong, Namori_10.6,7(Sat, Sun) Rhythm&Play Zone(Moak Plaza)
관리자 | 2018-10-19 11:39:55 | 2773

There are plenty of chances to learn and experience things for free at the Jeonju International Sori Festival!

This year, visitors can join the ‘Learning Gangryeong Mask Dance’ and ‘Learning the Gayageum’ programs. They can also become artists playing instruments at the festival scenes after learning from the ‘Cajon Circle’ and ‘Djembe Circle,’ prepared at the ‘Rhythm and Play Zone’ and learning the ‘Arangi’, the electronic carbon haegeum at the ‘Kids’ Zone’.

Wouldn’t you love the chance to learn an instrument and go up on stage as an artist right now? You can learn and enjoy the experience of playing an instrument. Reservations can be made in advance on our website and, space permitting, you may be allowed to join without prior reservations.
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