[2018] Sanjo Night_10.6.(Sat) 20:00 Moak Hall
관리자 | 2018-10-18 17:07:01 | 2763

Sanjo Night; co-planned with the Gugak Broadcasting Foundation

The pinnacle of solo instruments, A flavored autumn night.

Intoxicated by freestyle melodies on fall nights!

Sanjo Night is a representative artist program of the Sori Festival, in which the top sanjo master artists showcase the features of instrumental pieces of music and the profound depth of our traditional music. You will enjoy the essence of Korean traditional folk music with the special sanjo ensemble of Heo Yunjeong and Lee Yonggu, who carry on the legacy of tradition with profound elaboration. This year, we are going to present the profound nature of Korean traditional music together with the Gugak Broadcasting Foundation.

01. Lee Saenggang-style daegeum sanjo
02. Han Gapdeuk-style Geomungo sanjo
03. Sinawi’s free-style melodies
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