[2018] The SiyuLand(Taiwan)_10.6.(Sat) 19:00 Double stage(Norimadang)
관리자 | 2018-10-18 17:05:11 | 2655

The SiyuLand is a band than mainly performs sitar combined with world music style as their unique fashion. Considering a Chinese motto "the sky as their bedquilt, the earth as their bad" their creation conception, with a focus on Asian culture as their nutrition for creation, the band since foundation has beenencouraging many young audience in Tawian, via their works and music tours, to change the ways they get used to as well as to know differently about national music. The performances of the band make people feel that every culture through intertwining with other cultures, can lead to infinite possibilities.

The band hope to, via their great passion and hard working attitudes enable people to know more about the charisma of Asian culture as well as the love of GOD to the world.

Record and Award

1. Granted by Wanderer Project / Cloud Gate Dance Theatre
2. Recommended for Current Special Album, Eslite Bookstore
3. Recommended for Annual Best Recommended Album, Post
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