[2018] 2018 Asia SORI Project(Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan)_10.6.(Sat) 18:00 Double stage(Norimadang)
관리자 | 2018-10-18 17:02:56 | 2760

The 2018 Asia SORI Project

The International Artist-in-Residency Residency Project is a project in which the Jeonju Int’l Sori Festival works hand in hand with Asian musicians. Musicians from Mongolia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, and Korea are participating in the project, and it is part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative. Selected artists will participate in all sorts of required research and workshops in Korea, compose their musical pieces, and finally showcase them on the Sori Festival stage for the first time. Then, based on their achievement, they can go on Asian tours and try to advance their projects while targeting Asian markets. While creating future-oriented and innovative tradition, it will, at the same time, give us a chance to illuminate the values and meanings of the process to lead the current of traditional Asian arts.

Music Director : Jae-hyo Chang
Ariunkhishig Ulziisaikhan (Mongolia)_Yatga
Tuyatsetseg Tseren (Mongolia)_Urtiin Duu
Dinh Van Hoa (Vietnam)_Đàn bầu
Do Quang Minh Vu (Vietnam)_Đàn Tranh
Shahboz Davronov (Uzbekistan)_Doira
Kurbanov Sokhibjon (Uzbekistan)_Afgan Rubab
Lee, Jung In (Korea)_Pansori
Seo, Soo Jin (Korea)_Ajaeng
Noh, Jun Young (Korea)_Percussion
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