[2018] '70 Years of History: Asking the Way to Yeonbong'_10.6.(Sat) 17:00 Yeonji Hall
관리자 | 2018-10-18 16:55:04 | 2937

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'70 Years of History: Asking the Way to Yeonbong'

The life of a master of traditional arts. We can understand the true soul of Korean traditional arts through his life.

We are going to meet a master artist, Kim Ilgu (pen name “Yeonbong”), who has followed his calling, gugak, for his entire life. Like proving the power of perseverance, the history of Korean gugak can be seen in his long career. This will be a great opportunity to understand his life, during which he has constantly striven to preserve our traditional music. He is very good at almost all sorts of Korean traditional music, like pansori, ajaeng, gayageum, and so on.
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