[2018] World Music Workshop_ODO Ensemble(France)_10.3.(Wed) 11:00 Forest stage(Osong-je)
관리자 | 2018-10-11 17:00:14 | 491

World Music Workshop

An exotic musical journey with great foreign musicians
It’s time to take a journey to the unfamiliar but refreshing, different but appealing, special world of world music. It’s time to encounter musical pieces accompanied with friendly explanations, and time to unite with the musicians who are removing the border between the stage and the auditorium. This year, we are going to take exotic trips with great foreign musicians, including the ODO Ensemble, 2018 Asia SORI Project, Anders Hagberg-Melodic Melange, Meshk Ensemble, INO Ensemble, Reijseger&Mola Sylla, MoonGogo, Wang Ying-chieh & Yunshuyachi Ensemble, AASSA and The Acoustic Transformers.

The ODO Ensemble is a Compagnie dedicated to reserch, interpretation and creation in Early Music, traditional music and world music.

ODO Ensemble, a member of the "Association ODO, Music at Cluny", is based out of the Cluny Abby. ODO takes its name from Saint Odon, a Benedictine monk and musician who from 926 to 942 presided as the 2nd Abot of Cluny. The ODO Ensemble was founded in 2013 by the duo of vocalists Claire Merigoux and Olivier Marcaud. Enriched by numerous international experiences, the ensemble creates a link between diverse musical styles and time periods that traverses both time and space.

ODO Ensemble takes its roots in medieval music and dialogue with traditional world cultures. Imagination, improvisation, and a solid historical context all play a large role in defining the ensemble.

ODO embarks on musical voyages that follow the paths of history, telling the epic stories of humans and their initial voyages that resonant strongly in today's modern world.

Following La Saga des Lusignan, ODO responded to a request from the Europaisches Festival geistlicher Musik (Festival Europeen de Musique Sacree) with the program "Compostela", produced at Aachener Domkapitel a Aix-la-Chapelle, in Germany. This performance commemorated 1200 years after the death of Charlemagne.

In 2016, Claire Merigoux became artistic director of the ensemble, and create news programs. The last one is MESOGEIOS, Songs of women from Medieval Mediterranean who was the subject of the inaugural concert this summer at Cluny's Abby.

New performances are being produced regularly.For each of its projects, the ODO Ensemble calls for musicians coming from a wide range of backgrounds: medieval music, baroque, classical, traditional music, Celtic, oriental, world, jazz, rock, In addition to concerts, ODO proposes seminars, cultural and/or pedagogical workshops presented to a diverse public audience: schools, universities, professionals, museums.

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