World Music Workshop_At Adau(Malaysia)

World Music Workshop_At Adau(Malaysia)

Sep.21(Thu) 13:00 / Forest stage(Osong-je)

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

An unfamiliar world of world music where nationalities, languages, cultures, and values are different. The World Music Workshop is an interesting journey where the audience can meet lots of artists of different nationalities and understand their music, instruments, and emotions. We are lucky to be able to see this mysterious scene at the Cypress Forest, called Osongje, which is a comfortable and cozy place.

At Adau originated in Sarawak, Malaysia on the island of Borneo. The group started as an experimental world music band in June, 2014 driven by the spirit of traditional Sape’ tunes blended with musical instruments from around the world.

At Adau combines the traditional Bornean sounds of the Sape’ and Perutong with drums, percussions, electric and bass guitar, as well as traditional instruments such as: Djembe and Dunun from West Africa, Congas from Latin percussion, Daf from Persia, bamboo Rainstick, and many more. At Adau experiments with the fusion of modern and traditional instruments to create innovative and timeless music.

The name At Adau comes from the combination of words from two Bornean languages. At refers to “roots” in the Bidayuh tribe’s language, and Adau in the Kenyah dialect is the name of the preferred tree used to craft the Sape’, a traditional stringed instrument of Borneo. At Adau creates world music to heal and rejuvenate weary souls around the world. At Adau believes that music has the power to overcome all the walls and barriers of culture, gender, age, language, and ideological differences. Our musical creations do not only represents our feelings and expressions but also reflect peace, serenity, appreaciation for nature and a deep love and harmony between people around the world, regardless of cultural backgrounds, races and boundaries.



EZRA TEKOLA (EZRA)_4 Stringed Sape, 6 Stringed Sape
_Serutong, bidayuh drum, bidayuh bass drum & Rain Stick Ngajat Orang Ulu, Warrior Dance, Welcoming   Dance, Ngajat geleput (Ngajat Nyumpit/hunter)
MELDRICK BOB UDOS (BOB)_Djembe, iban drum, Percussionist & Drummer
LUKE WRENDER DAVID_4 String and 3 String Sape,  Guitar
ALFANSO MCKENZIE (FONSO)_Bass guitar, 4 string sape
_Djembe, Conga, Cajon, jantong utang (traditional xylophone), piano, keyboard & other percussions