Shakespeare's musical play <Hey no nonny!>_International Actors Ensemble

Shakespeare's musical play _International Actors Ensemble

Sep.22(Fri), Sep.23(Sat) 21:30 / Double stage(The front of Moak hall)

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

International Actors Ensemble
- The first performance of Shakespearean sori theater, “Hey Non Noni!” presented by International Actors Ensemble, consisting of actors and actresses of Shakespeare Glove in U.K. and Jeonggaakhoi. Numerous romantic lines from Shakespeare’s plays will flow into a new story. Six foreign languages and our music will meet and guide us into more glorious fall nights. Romeo and Juliet will be newly created by eleven actors and actresses from seven countries.
- This program was selected and is supported by the government for a successful Pyeongchang Cultural Olympics.

International Actors Ensemble is the multinational Shakespeare theatre company which is consisted with 23 actors from 14 countries that are selected in ‘International Actors’Fellowship 2015’by the Shakespeares’Globe, London. In 2016 summer, by Shakespeare was performed as a foundation event in Mexico and It was applauded by local audiences and media. In 2017 Korea tour,
< Hey no nonny!> is selected as an authorization project of PyeongChang Cultural Olympic by Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea.이미지



David Meadows(Australia), Karol Garrett(Brazil), Claudia Roncallo(Italy), Martina Sperotto(Italy), SungWoo-Jo(S.Korea),

Pilar Ixquic Mata(Mexico), Renata Wimer(Mexico), Sergio Solis(Mexico), Jean Sergent(New Zealand), Klahr Thorsen(USA), Paul Jennings(USA)

Creative Team

Produce Consultant_JeongSoo-Kim, DooYoung-Kim, MiGyeong Baek