[New University Changgeuk]_Young Ddan Pan 'New Bbangpajeon'

[New University Changgeuk]_Young Ddan Pan 'New Bbangpajeon'

Sep.24(Sun) 14:00 / Double stage(The front of Moak hall)

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

New University Changgeuk
A special stage full of young people’s sparks and passion. From this year, the former University Changgeuk came back extensively reorganized with a different name: ‘New University Changgeuk – Unique Young Stage’. While maintaining the tradition of University Changgeuk which was begun in 2004, they have expanded the range of participants and performance forms to present even newer works. As sori meets plays, they have stories anyone can enjoy and, above all, they give us a good opportunity to understand our own sori more easily.

Reinterpreting characters like ‘Bbaengdeogine’ and ‘Shimbongsa’ (a blind man) of ‘Bbaengpa-jeon’, and Heo Jun, they will impress the audience with fun, humor, and satire, grafting their stories into our own.

A stage of wonderfully talented university students and a time to enjoy the stages of university Changgeuk which are becoming more and more rare. As Sori and drama meet each other, there are stories anyone can enjoy.