Sori Frontier with KB Bank

Sori Frontier with KB Bank

Sep.24(Sun) 17:30 / Double stage(The front of Moak hall)

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

This program has been the arena of young artists' musical experiments. It is a fierce competition of young Korean musicians to get the prize and a chance to be on a worldwide stage. - 2018 Babel med music showcase, Taiwan Golden melody concerts.




Akdangwangchil is a travelling theater which was founded in 2015 (70 years after the liberation of Korea), which has constructed its own unique music world combining the ‘gut’ (exorcism] and ballads of Hwanghae-do, which will show strong energy while adding a modern beat. Akdangwangchil has tried to put modernized traditional ‘gut,’ which prays for ordinary people’s wishes and lucks and soothes their pains and sorrows, on the stage.


Lee narae
Lee Narae was a member of Jeonggaakhoi (Corporation), and started to be a solo player in 2015 based on various music works. She has been creating various versions of ‘Byeongangsoiga’ while illuminating it anew. She deconstructs musical and formal components of traditional Pansori and aims for both experimental and popular codes and sound.


JYD Trio
JYD Trio started its career releasing its first album in 2013. It has tried to put its own musical colors in the newly released second album. They have tried to discover the Korean sori (sound) and oriental identity while constructing a ‘Guitar Trio’. Using the oriental scale, they are creating the most Korean sound through refined codes, monotonous rhythm, and fantastic ideas.