World Music Workshop_LA TIT'FANFARE(France)

World Music Workshop_LA TIT'FANFARE(France)

Sep.22(Fri) 13:00 / Forest stage(Osong-je)

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

An unfamiliar world of world music where nationalities, languages, cultures, and values are different. The World Music Workshop is an interesting journey where the audience can meet lots of artists of different nationalities and understand their music, instruments, and emotions. We are lucky to be able to see this mysterious scene at the Cypress Forest, called Osongje, which is a comfortable and cozy place.

An unusual musical journey with musicians from abroad. The audience can meet leading musicians from all over the world and communicate with them.

Five travelling artists, driven by the same desire to share the sounds of the world with the people, offer a performance on stage or in the streets. Their music is a blend of sounds hailing from Asia, India, Africa, Eastern Europe, and even includes Latin American rumbas. Their show reflects this diversity of influences and rhythms. The Little Fanfare swirls from one horizon to another, festive, poetic, and above all lively. Their performance is an invitation to travel, to listen and to dance.
A “Cirkus” version of the show, in which two acrobats join the group. The  complementarity between music and circus arts has quickly made the success of this new project.


Vincent Bauza: soubassophone

Fathi Belgacem: djembe

Florent Boulenger: clarinet

Bastien Langlois: trombone

 Ollivier Marie dit Asse: banjo