The Calling(Taiwan)_Double Stage

The Calling(Taiwan)_Double Stage

Sep.20(Wed) 17:30 / Double stage(The front of Moak hall)

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

"Luxurious visuals and gestures overwhelming the stage. Original and rich power of Taiwanese traditions"

The Calling ( Dianjiang)

-Program Notes
The Roll Call was originally a five-minute stage production commissioned by the National Center for Traditional Arts for the awarding ceremony of the 27th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. The piece is expanded into four sections for this performance.

“General-Gods”—Taiwanese exorcist performance and new composition (Music designer /Lu Yun)
The culture of general-gods (i.e., General of Gain and General of Loss) was originated from a temple near Taipei worshipping Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha. The legend has it that the Ksitigarbha tamed some demons and monsters, who were then appointed generals protecting the Ksitigarbha and they became heavenly beings after Ksitigarbha’s enlightenment. In Taiwanese religious tradition, the General of Gain and General of Loss lead the King of Ghosts’ Inspection Parade. Good people “gain” longevity while bad ones “lose” their years on earth. In a temple parade, these two deities also serve as protector of the resident deity as well as responsible for expelling ghosts and plagues. They are heard from distance because of the bells tied to the general-gods’ feet ringing with their “three-step footwork.”
Two Generals of Gain, who hold a handcuff and a wooden tiger tablet, begin the parade by deterring evil beings. In the middle section the General of Loss appears with a trident for the roll call. The episode ends with the three general-gods joining together in the procession.




Music designer/composer_Yun Lu
Cast_ Wang Zhi-Chi, Ou Shen-Chi, Tsai An, Tu Chun-Kuan, Chen Kuan-Hong, Huang Chun-Yu, Chang Cheng-Chia, Tsai Fang-Sheng, Tai Hsin-Hung, Lin Ying-Sheng

Lu Yun  Music designer/composer

Lu Yun has studied music since childhood. From 2000, she began to study composition with Professor Hung Chung-Kun. Her work Lord Xinqin for erhu and Chinese orchestra was awarded first prize at the Chinese Music Composition Competition organized by Taiwan’s Council for Cultural Affairs (CCA), and she was shortlisted for the Best Composer Award at the 16th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. Lu went on to win the top award for two consecutive years at CCA’s Chinese Music Composition Competition in 2004 and 2005 with Lang Sai (for suona and Chinese orchestra) and The Beijing Opera Masks (for pipa and Chinese orchestra). She enrolled at the National Taipei University of Arts in 2004, where she obtained a master’s degree in music theory and composition. She began her Ph.D. studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City in 2009 and received her DMA in May, 2014 under the tutelage of composers Zhou Long and Chen Yi. She has presented a composition concert called “Images of Taiwan” with the Taiwan Philharmonic Chinese Orchestra under the conducting of Ku Pao-Wen. One of her latest compositions is City God Procession for orchestra, with which she obtained the 27th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music. She is currently an assistant professor of Chinese music at Tainan National University of the Arts.