Reading Arts_The Calling(Taiwan)

Reading Arts_The Calling(Taiwan)

Sep.21(Thu) 19:30 / Sori space

Over the age of 8 무료 / Free

Performance presentation

‘Reading Art,’ in its first year at this festival, concentrates on the processes that reveal the values of a certain artistic genre. When a piece of work is to be on a stage, what cultural backgrounds have the musicians experienced? The audience can listen to professionals’ explanations for each genre.

Until a piece of artwork gets shining.... The values and processes of the work will be looked into.

Music designer/composer_Yun Lu
Cast_ Wang Zhi-Chi, Ou Shen-Chi, Tsai An, Tu Chun-Kuan, Chen Kuan-Hong, Huang Chun-Yu, Chang Cheng-Chia, Tsai Fang-Sheng, Tai Hsin-Hung, Lin Ying-Sheng