Pansori musical, Heaven's Decree 'Cheonmyeong'

Pansori musical, Heaven's Decree 'Cheonmyeong'

Sep.21(Thu), Sep.22(Fri) 20:00 / Norimadang

All 무료 / Free

Performance presentation
This musical piece is going to be on the stage to celebrate the Donghak Peasant Revolution, which was originally written and dramatized by Kim Yong-ok (Do-ol, his pen name). The background music of it was composed by Park Beomhun. The musical will be directed by Ryu Gihyeong, whose main actor is Wang Giseok, a Pansori artist. It is one of the greatest touching masterpieces in which approximately 180 staff members of both Jeollabuk-do Provincial Institute for Korean Traditional Performing Arts and Korean Traditional Performing Arts of Jeongeupsa will take part.