Mariana Baraj with Cuatro minimal (Argentina, Korea, Japan, Mexico)

Mariana Baraj with Cuatro minimal (Argentina, Korea, Japan, Mexico)

Sep.22(Fri) 21:00 / Sori space

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Performance presentation

Fragrance of wanderers and rhythms of limitless freeness.

A new world where different values freely interweave!


Identity is a complex feeling, roots are deeply connected to dreams and imagination. The electric city of Mexico is built over pyramids, the ancient shaman rhythms diffuse messages in Seoul’s crowd, the dialects of the Japanese Isles fuse in Osaka’s neon lights. The debates are the same, the music converging. The methods are similar, minimal, and the instruments a field for creativity. The CUATRO MINIMAL was born in 2011 in the rice fields of Nanto, Japan, gathering the singer and composer Juan Pablo Villa, the guitarist Fernando Vigueras both from the contemporary music scene of Mexico City, the traditional percussion master Chang Jaehyo from Korea, and Sakaki Mango, African thumb-piano and gottan player (very local string instrument from Kagoshima region), respected as one of the leading “world-musician” in Japan. In addition to the quartet, the visual artist Arturo Lopez “Pio” from Mexico City joined the project in 2015, drawing live monochrome images on a simple overhead projector with ink and sand. With many tours in Asia and Mexico, including the recording of their first album “La Cola Del Dragon” (the dragon’s tail) in 2014, the CUATRO MINIMAL is recognized as a highly innovative project, a kaleidoscope of musical possibilities built by cables and effects, an irresistible and deeply expressive landscape of sounds where the roots appears free and wide, intimately and universally human.


Mariana Baraj(Argentina)

CUATRO MINLMAL(Korea, Mexico, Japan)



Gottan,Thumb Pianos_SAKAKI MANGO(JAPAN)