World music Big Party - Kim Banjang with Windy City, Motion Trio(Poland), Vaudou Game(France, Togo)

World music Big Party - Kim Banjang with Windy City, Motion Trio(Poland), Vaudou Game(France, Togo)

Sep.23(Sat) 19:30 / Open-air theater

Over the age of 6 10,000won Get ticket

Performance presentation

Inexhaustible passion of the audience and artists even in the stormy rainfall. The Jeonju International Sori Festival has succeeded in drawing its fans’ love with the genre of ‘world music’. It has provided stages that are great enough to prove the variety of languages music has.


Kim Banjang with Windy City, Motion Trio(Poland), Vaudou Game(France, Togo)

Kim Banjang with Windy City

It’s a reggae/dub and soul band started on 2004 summer.

 They released 2 albums(“love record”, “countryman’s vibration”).
Also they released 3 mini albums("psychedelicious city", "2more lovers"(Japan Only), "Full Greetings EP") and lots of digital singles untill 2013.

 They played as a first foreign band in Sunset Live, Fukuoka last two years and also played at Fat festival in Bangkok, Ssamzie, Pentaport Rock, World DJ Festival, Green Pluged, Countdown Festival in Korea. and a lot more other festivals in Korea as headliner.
 They had a tour for Thailand, Japan, Singapore and plan to tour in America and Canada in 2013 also.
 Nowdays they are working on new collaboration album with many other musicians and starting promotions to Europe, Canada, America as well.

 They respect the sound of Roots music, all of traditional music and try to find their own original & new sounds.


 An accordion trio founded in 1996 by Janusz Wojtarowicz - leader and author of most of the compositions.  They are a phenomenon on the European and global music market.  Janusz Wojtarowicz, Paweł Baranek and Marcin Gałażyn are world class accordionists.  Using all the advantages of the accordion in their creations, they continually explore the new possibilities of this instrument, changing the way that it is perceived.  Their concerts are musical performances that contain action and drama.


Janusz Wojtarowicz, Pawel Baranek, Marcin Galazyn

Vaudou Game
Among the fruits of the convergence between African and Afro-American musicians, there is one lesser-known genre that hails from the cradle of vaudou culture in Togo, Benin, and whose key figures, Poly-Rythmo of Cotonou, Dama Damawuzan, or El Rego, have, since the 1970’s, had their popularity confined to afro-groove fans.
Specific to this region of Africa is the use, during vaudou rituals, of characteristic lines that differ from everything one may hear in neighbouring cultures.
The idea of integrating these haunting lines, sung in honor of the Divinities, to an energetic 70’s Afro-funk was an obvious extension in Peter Solo’s mind of the analogy he found between this vaudou tradition and trance inducers such as Blues, Funk, as well as the Rythm’n Blues of James Brown, Otis Redding and Wilson Picket.
Peter Solo heard this new sound coming through him and named it Vaudou Game.


Peter Solo, Vicente Fritis, Jeremy Garcia, Guilhem Parguel, Ghislain Paillard, Christoph Michel