Opening Performance 'Color of Sori'

Opening Performance 'Color of Sori'

Sep.20(Wed) 19:00 / Moak Hall

Over the age of 8 25,000won.15,000won,10,000won Get ticket

Performance presentation

Every year, the Sori festival creates its own official programs. It's time for us to meet the best stage we've ever met. This year, A Pansori-version ‘Immortal Songs’ of KBS 2 will be presented as a special live show by KBS Jeonju Branch. Idols of the gugak industry and the big stars of K-pop music scene collaborate to present their colorful stages.


Kim Soyoung Park Aeri, Park Hyunjung, Kim Junsu, Jung Bogown, Yu Taepyungyang, Han Youngae, Byun Jinsub, Choi sun, Jang insook, Lara Secord-Haid(Canada), La Tit'Fanfare(France), En chordias(Greece, Iran, China), The Calling(Taiwan)

Jeonju City Choir, Neolmaru Dance Troupe

 2017 JISF Festival Band_Miyeon. Park Jechun, Lee Myunghoon, Gwak Jaehyuk, Lee Choongwoo, Lee Semi, Kim Minyoung, Lee Jinhee, Kim Yoonchul, Chae Jaeyoung, Kim Sowon, Jo Ara, Moon Hyeyeon, Jung Minji

Children's Pansori Choir